VANISH Is A Free Indie Horror Game That Will Truly Question Your Own Sanity

Thrown into a Labyrinth for reasons unknown, you must roam through the darkness to find your escape. Do you have what it takes to get out alive? Or will you be another feast for the walls that seem to live?

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Game FAQs

Blatant issues should be reported as bugs, otherwise these FAQs will help clarify frequent areas of confusion.
  • What's the objective?

    We purposely don't tell the player what to do. We feel this adds to the immersion for the Player to figure out where they are and what to do next, as if they were the actual ones thrown into this labyrinth. That said... Find the glowsticks, then keys, then the exit gate without dying.
  • Do I have to collect the notes? Is this like Slender?

    No, you don't have to collect the notes, but some may have important information on them. So if you're having trouble on what you need to do, you may want to take a look. But Vanish is not a paper collecting game.
  • Can I change the controls? Like AZERTY?

    Not yet, but it's something that we're looking into.
  • Can I change the mouse sensitivity?

    Yes, the mouse sensitivity slider can be found in the Options Menu.
  • Is there an end?

    Yes, there is definitely a win screen.
  • Why no flashlight?

    The glowsticks were a design decision, we've considered flashlights before but decided not to go that route.
  • The screen is just black, why can't I play?

    VANISH requires a DirectX 9c+ compatible graphics card. Please make sure that have the latest drivers for your graphics card. If the issue still persist, you may need a hardware upgrade.
  • Game crashes as soon as I click Play.

    With these major issues that prevent you from playing Vanish at all, it is best to send us an email of your output_log.txt file located in the Data folder and your computer specs to our email
  • The game is too dark.

    A brightness slider can be found in the Options Menu.
  • I can't download the game.

    Sometimes the mirrors on go down, just wait a little bit and try coming back once they're back up. If not, try the download over at Atomic Gamer.
  • Error says "Can't find data folder".

    After you unzip the file, make sure you don't move any of the files from the unzipped folder. If you want to make a shortcut for your desktop, right-click the .exe file and click Send To>Desktop (Shortcut).
  • Is there a walkthrough?

    Not an official one, no. There are, however, plenty of great YouTubers that have played you can check out.
  • Can I make fan art/film/animations?

    We'd be delighted!
  • Can I make a Let's Play video?

    Yes! We love seeing how other people play the game. It also gives us some insight as far as bugs and gameplay goes.
  • Can I monetize my Let's Play?

    Of course, go for it!
  • Sometimes the notes say different things.

    Sometimes a person experiences a different playthrough than another.
  • Is the Logo a font or custom?

    It's a custom modified font that we've created for VANISH. We have put it in our press kit for anyone to use!
  • Will VANISH be on Steam/Greenlight?

    Not at this time.
  • Will VANISH always be free?

    You bet!
  • Will VANISH be on mobile?

    Not at this time. We've always seen it as a Desktop/PC game.
  • Why are there no save points?

    The game isn't very long, it can take anywhere from 10 (lucky) to 40 (unlucky) minutes. So we don't feel like there is a need for game saves or checkpoints.
  • Why can't I pause?

    We added a 15 second "pause before forced to main menu" because we want our players to keep moving and feel vulnerable when scared. If you were able to pause, you know you'd be safe. Adding the 15 second warning keeps the player immersed in the game.
  • Why don't the glowsticks last long?

    We know they last longer than what we currently have in real life, but the mechanic is there to keep the tension high.
  • Does the game support the Oculus Rift?

    We use the free version of Unity3D which does not allow for Oculus Rift support. However there is 3rd party software that allows for workarounds.

About 3DrunkMen

3DrunkMen is an international independent game development team with members from the United States and Portugal, coming together across great distances to make an entertaining game. First formed by Mark Lemmons and Sean McSheehan in 2012 to practice Unity3D, we quickly added Vasco Torres to create the core development group and spending all of our spare time creating VANISH. Later in production, we have since added Eduardo Magalhães & João Mascarenhas into the mix in late 2013.

VANISH has been a passion project for all of us. Working day and night in our spare time, pushing the free version of Unity3D to the absolute limits. Special thanks to Jorge Delgado, Calum Scott Grant, Errick Dadisman, Brad Acree, Jason Martin, Marsupial Brown, Nick Braun, & James O'Hare.

3DrunkMen International Independent Game Development Team